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Elizabeth and Jessica volunteer as candy stripers at the local hospital, where they meet television host, Jeremy Frakes. There's a hospital employee who's very disturbed, but Elizabeth befriends him. His sweet disposition has turned into sour depression and he's not especially interested in getting back together with Liz.Famous model Tatyana Thomas comes to Sweet Valley, hoping for a fresh start. Note: Cheryl (Tatyana) Thomas is Annie Whitman's stepsister in the book series.Bruce installs a fortune-telling booth at the Moon Beach, which only predicts bad luck to Jessica and Lila.New student Heather Malone is made cheerleading co-captain; Jessica quits in disgust and forms her own squad. After finding evidence of an affair Elizabeth had with Todd’s best friend while he was in Vermont, Jessica has perfect ammunition to get her last squad member.When Elizabeth wins, there are hard feelings and manipulation is plotted.Liz is not especially grateful to Todd for nominating her.Jessica's ecstatic to get Elizabeth to review her appearing in "Mac Beth"... Jessica accesses Mr Russo's computer to gain a copy of the chemistry quiz. The gang spend Halloween at school, where they attempt to revive a student who died 25 years ago. Is this just "tricking" on the night of "Trick or Treat? Elizabeth's pen-pal, Prince Arthur Castillio, visits Sweet Valley and falls in love with Jessica.

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She even plagiarizes one of Elizabeth's poems to impress her teacher.'Note: Based on book 91, "In Love With a Prince" and Sweet Valley Twins book 30, "Princess Elizabeth".Elizabeth falls into a coma after an accident on Todd's motorcycle. Note: Based on books six and seven, "Dangerous Love" and "Dear Sister".Jessica and Elizabeth must pretend to be long lost twin sisters when they appear on the Foxie Jones Show.When the fame goes to Jessica's head, Elizabeth and Jessica switch places as they always do.A DVD of the first season was released on 8 March 2005; it is the only season released on DVD to date.Hijinks ensue when Elizabeth and Jessica are both nominated for Homecoming Queen.Note: Based on the cheerleading mini-series, "Jessica Quits the Squad", "The Pom Pom Wars" and "V For Victory".The school yearbook votes the students in a poll and many are unprepared to deal with the results, especially Elizabeth who's voted "Most Responsible"--much to her horror.Elizabeth has fun being Jessica, but can Jessica walk a mile in Elizabeth's shoes?A war of vandalism is abound in the lead up to the big Sweet Valley vs Big Mesa game.


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