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Theories for series lost dating february 2016

He started the channel on March 10, 2008, but his first video upload was not until July 2, 2008.

At this time, his channel mostly consisted of shorter videos, his first being only .

The promotional videos and teasers are all creepy and as unsettling as ever, but the theme isn't crystal clear.

Fans on Reddit have guessed that this season will hint at, and overlap with season one's Mansion House, based on the image of the farmhouse on the hill is where most of the action will take place.

His first proper sketch video was HODINI'S STREET MAGIC .

The video that he himself alleges shot him to fame was his FRED IS DEAD! He now has over 8.1 million subscribers on this channel alone and is one of the most well known You Tube stars on the site, reaching his peak number of the most subscribed list at #3 behind Ray William Johnson and nigahiga in 2010.

As the story goes, the inhabitants of the small village of Roanoke vanished into thin air in the late 16th century.Shane is known for his multiple characters played by himself.His characters were Shanaynay (his most-popular and most recognizable one out off all the other personalities), Ned the Nerd, Fruitlupe, S.Deezy, Paris Hilton, Shane's Mom (the opposite of his real mother), the superhuman Switch, and Aunt Hilda.He has three channels: Shane Dawson TV (his main channel), Human Emoji (his second channel, which has not been in use for some time now), and shane (his vlogging channel).The only clue left was the word "Croatoan" carved into a tree trunk.While there are many theories about what happened to the colony, including death from sudden illness or a mass killing, there are still eerie and unsettling rumors associated with the historical event.Above the house is a plume of smoke spelling out which has been a teaser for the season.The confirmed cast members include familiar faces to the Ryan Murphy lineup: Lady Gaga, Denis O’Hare, Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson, Angela Bassett, and Evan Peters. Sunset Stroll — The family walking towards the camera looks either possessed or like aliens.In her caption, she thanks Gooding along with Lady Gaga and Kathy Bates, presumably because she just wrapped a shoot with them.She is listed as "Apple Girl" in the IMDb credits for the series.


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