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Discriminating forest fragments from natural forest patches through patch structure and spatial context metrics. Donald AE (2015) Taxonomic distribution of alternative oxidase in plants. MC, Napoleo TH, Coriolano MC, Paiva PMG, Figueiredo RCBQ and Coelho LCBB (2015) Water-soluble Moringa oleifera lectin interferes with growth, survival and cell permeability of corrosive and pathogenic bacteria. N, Ramrez NA, Popoff OF and Albert EO (2015) Primer registro de Marasmiellus volvatus (Marasmiaceae: Agaricomycetes) en Argentina, una especie poco conocida. LFd, Macedo AF, Santos ALWd and Floh EIS (2015) Polyamine levels, arginine and ornithine decarboxylase activity in embryogenic cultures of araucaria angustifolia (Bert.) O. VZ, Vanier NL, Deon VG, Moomand K, El Halal SLM, Zavareze Ed R, Lim L-T and Dias ARG (2015) Effects of single and dual physical modifications on pinho starch. 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A simple method for estimating parameters of the location-scale distribution family.


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  3. CES6 _ Infectious Disease Book. Uploaded by arnaldops333. Brigham and Women’s Hospital,Harvard Medical School, Boston. Thuler LC. Harper MB.1545469.

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