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As of yesterday, Tila couldn't wait to tell the world about her new romance with Kim Kardashian's ex (of the boyfriend and sex tape co-star variety), so she turned to her blog to spread the word with this post: My baby is Ray J....no man has made me feel so loved and so happy in such a long time. The effusive message was followed by a bizarre video of Tila doing a sultry dance, in addition to this message: "Here is a sexy video I made for my baby! Do you guys think this video will work once he see's it??? But the plot thickens: The blog entry was taken down shortly after it was posted, although the video and accompanying message remain. We really do love each other and I am so happy to have FINALLY met someone who treats me with respect and love. If I made this for you and I was your girlfriend, would you come over and see me????? This was really a dude with a fuckton of money who everybody knew.

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The reality series premiered in 2007 and ran for two seasons, and saw 16 males and 16 females compete for her affection.Billy Corgan: I’ll never forget Tila’s opening line.She said, “I’m a bisexual Asian immigrant but I’m also a white supremacist who hates Jews. She was like Annie Hall, if she thought Alvy Singer should end up in a concentration camp."I have gone a year without sex and it drove me crazy but after you reach a certain level I become even more dangerous because I am exerting my mind power and the sexual energy becomes something else that is very intense.""Even if I wanted to sit on your face all night with cameras on me I definitely don't want any of that on film," she continued. I'm always going to be with a blanket in the house so if you see me with a blanket you'll know why."Tila revealed that she's had "seven near death experiences" so she aims to live life to the fullest, and plans to "let loose" in the CBB house.On how she thinks the British public will react to her, she said: "I think they think I'll have this vapid, shallow, sexual image that is nothing more than that but I am actually not that. "I am very goofy and I have a sense of humour that you might not understand right away. Tila Tequila and Ray J have both turned looking for love into a reality TV career, but maybe the answer to their prayers is just a few time slots away. " (The video was a little too R-rated for You Tube to show freely, so click here to watch it).For the first time, Tequila publicly announced she was “a bisexual freak,” opening the competition up to both genders.The show ended after its second season in 2008, when Tequila was replaced by the Ikki twins.Still looking for love, Tequila found romance with Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson (who had also previously dated Semel). Unfortunately, her joyful news was overshadowed when Johnson passed away on Jan. Not one to grieve in private, Tequila took to her blog and Twitter to express her mourning over her late fiancee’s death.The 33-year-old American reality TV star entered the infamous house during the launch night promising to sex up the brand new series.


  1. Tila Tequila & Billy Corgan. Tila Tequila's dating habits are always cringe-worthy, but when she brought Smashing Pumpkins head man Billy Corgan to Bravo's A-List Awards, it broke our little '90s rock-loving hearts! Why, Billy? Why? Scandalist. Return to Story. Share br /this article Lisa Kudrow & Conan O'Brien.

  2. To date, the Houston-raised bad girl has acquired nearly 4 million friends on MySpace, though her reach extends far beyond that thanks to her blog, Twitter account, reality TV dating show, book and music career. Nguyen—who goes by Tila Tequila professionally—became Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Week on April 22, 2002.

  3. Jan 3, 2008. A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila” is apparently over for Bobby Banhart. The 25-year-old male film student selected last month by Tequila on her popular MTV reality dating show is no longer – or maybe never was – dating the 26-year-old bisexual Internet celebrity. During MTV's live New Year's Eve.

  4. Nov 27, 2016. or give the screen a Nazi salute. I love movies too so this was a really ideal first date. Tila Tequila At the end of the night, I'd give him a kiss, and a blow job, and a hand job and say, “You're MY Aryan ideal.” Billy Corgan Pretty early on, Tila told me that due to an earlier trauma, she was unable to achieve.

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