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The episode’s plot banks on the simple, dependable premise of Tim and Eric being in a friendly competition with each other that puts their bond to the test.

It’s the bare bones storyline that Awesome Show’s greatest episodes have banked on (“Dads,” “Rascals,” “Origins,” “Tennis”), while also underlining the show’s strong theme of friendship.

Plus, many of the same recurring “extras” and supporting cast that have filled up their commercials and material in the past are back as well.

There are also plenty of other welcome faces, like the return of Will Forte’s deeply damaged Will Grello (although it’s the weakest of his appearances, in my opinion) or learning that B. Fhartz is still making flawed scatologically-based products.

“Spagett’s 10 Annual Spooktacular” is probably one of the better takes on the show’s many returning characters.

But now it is finally time to rejoice, as this loving, disturbing tribute to Tim and Eric’s enduring friendship and comedy is ready to be unleashed on all the Chippys and pep-peps out there!But then you stumble upon this surreal explosion of color and awkwardness. Through the years, Tim and Eric’s storytelling has evolved, whether it’s on the spin-off Check It Out! Steve Brule, their nihilistic anthology series, Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories, or on their separate endeavors, but they’ve never felt that removed from their Awesome Show universe.The duo has kept busy with regular Tim and Eric tours through the years.Tim and Eric pulling off some complicated bank heist or trying to save the world, while eventful, would feel disingenuous to the show.This isn’t about big spectacles, it’s about two friends being idiots together and that energy is clear from frame one.Now, in this honorary “sixth season,” the transformation is fully complete.Yes, this is still deeply, awkwardly funny material, but it’s also the darkest the sketch show has ever been.The whole thing could have been treated like a giant joke in itself.However, the duo goes down a remarkably safe direction, but it is incredibly gratifying to the audience.There’s another installment of “Brule’s Rules” even though the events of Check It Out!say that good ol’ Stevie should be locked up in prison at the moment.


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