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In 1998 she received a prize for the work relating to her Ph D thesis, Stories of Coming into Being: Childlessness, Procreative Technologies and Kinship in Denmark.

Helene Goldberg is a Social Anthropologist whose research on male infertility in Israel has won several prizes. Manhood and Meaning in the Marketing of the “Male Pill” Laury Oaks Chapter 6.

In addition, the range of geographical regions that the studies are drawn from ensures that nuanced consideration is given to how localised cultural discourses intersect with gendered conceptualisations of reproductive techniques in a global context." · Sociology of Health and Illness “..overdue first step in recognizing that men’s role in contemporary human reproduction – from their gametes to their psyches – has been a neglected realm of scientific and scholarly pursuit.” · Robert D. D., Institute for Health and Aging, University of California, San Francisco Extensive social science research, particularly by anthropologists, has explored women’s reproductive lives, their use of reproductive technologies, and their experiences as mothers and nurturers of children.

Meanwhile, few if any volumes have explored men’s reproductive concerns or contributions to women’s reproductive health: Men are clearly viewed as the “second sex” in reproduction.

She is currently working at KVINFO, the Danish Center of Information on Women and Gender Research.

Gender, Masculinity, and Reproduction: Anthropological Perspectives Matthew R. Reproductive Politics in Southwest China: Deconstructing a Minority Male-dominated Perspective on Reproduction Yen Fang Tzu Chapter 8.Highly recommended.” · Choice "The book is logically structured, clearly organised and well presented.The breadth and depth of insight provided ensures that it covers all key areas of debates in relation to infertility, reproduction and the links to men and masculinities.This exceptionally well edited collection of fourteen stimulating essays attempts to redress this imbalance, by analyzing men’s complex, varied, and ever-changing reproductive lives…the collection offers an excellent starting-point for a potentially rewarding intellectual endeavour.These researchers hail from four continents, thus providing a cross-cultural perspective as they give voice to men's experiences in the process of reproduction.Overall, there is a well-balanced mix of ethnography and theory that engages the reader throughout the volume…[The book] is successful in challenging assumptions and stereotypes surrounding men’s involvement in reproduction and demonstrating that the topic of men and reproduction has been neglected by social scientific study thus far…[and] represents an important initial text on a subject deserving of further attention in the social sciences.Whilst anthropologists acknowledge men’s sexuality, we tend to view men as disengaged from reproduction, and to see their power as lying elsewhere in social life.The contributors use a variety of methodological approaches, including content analysis, participant observation, in-depth interviewing, reproductive history intakes, and survey questionnaires.The result is a comprehensive, engaging volume that will certainly trigger additional interest and research in this heretofore ignored aspect of men's lives.This clear-cut gender ideology, however, remains an ideology (prescribed and contested) that needs to be put in the perspective of its context of origin, the bourgeois milieu.How were these gender identities constructed and by whom?


  1. Dec 4, 2016. Vertommen T1, Kampen J2, Schipper-van Veldhoven N3, Wouters K4, Uzieblo K5, Van Den Eede F6. Electronic address Tine. sex, age, and role in the sport organization of perpetrators of psychological, physical and sexual violence as reported retrospectively by victim-respondents.

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