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Seiji and his friends arrived at the auditorium and purchased tickets to enter. All the lights in the auditorium were dimmed, while the stage was brightly lit up, creating a suitable atmosphere for the opening scene. The lights revealed that the scene on the stage was a fantasy-style city.While the backdrop wasn’t particularly extravagant, it was still of good quality; it was, after all, crafted exclusively by high school students.It was as if the singer was a girl deeply in love and missing her lover.It was rather different from the tomboy’s typical impression… This contrast was akin to a man singing in a high-pitched voice falsetto…He would be asked some questions, before receiving a beating.Or, in Iroha's words, ‘asking what he was thinking and checking his current strength.’ Their meeting was scheduled for tonight at eight o’clock, in Nagawa amusement park. No matter what he encountered, it would finally set him on track.It sounded like it was certain that he was about to receive a beating…

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This had nothing to do with the fact that the main star was his good friend; it was purely because of her… This was Chiaki, but the current red-haired girl had nothing to do with the silver-haired Chiaki Wakaba. The clear male voice simply narrated the background and main characters and told the audience that the red-haired girl was a noble daughter of the Fire Kingdom named "Wakamei Touhou." Seiji was rendered speechless by this. Wakamei Touhou was a gentle and extroverted girl, who excelled at singing and dancing.

Seiji recognized the voice singing the song as Chiaki’s.

He was amazed because her singing voice sounded gentle and sweet.

so the red-haired girl resolutely decided to go to battle herself! By the way, Seiji was quite impressed how Mulan had managed to avoid discovery as a female in the army for so many years. Finally, the red-haired girl discovered that the person she fell in love with wasn’t a knight after all.

In actuality, he was the real prince of the Ice Kingdom masquerading as a knight!


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