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It was Guralnick, however, who developed this discovery by comparing other kouroi by means of cluster and Z-score profile analysis to the Egyptian Canon II and a control group composed of statistically average Mediterranean men.As a result, she has identified two strains within methods of proportioning in sixth century kouroi, where the majority follow the general line of evolution from the foreign model towards an idealized human norm.dating from the second or third quarter of the seventh century.The canonical form of the kouros persists until the beginning of the classical period, by which time artists had achieved a high degree of anatomical verisimilitude, if not naturalism, as can be observed on such transitional works as the Kritios Boy, c. The absolute chronology of the kouros form is uncertain; none of the sculptures have secure dates.Further there is a strong homogeneity across the various regional schools: where anatomical innovations were adopted they seem to have spread quickly amongst the different workshops so that "regional distinctions become merged in a common progression".Consequently, the development of the kouros type as we now understand it is based on the relative chronology delineated by Gisela Richter.Taking from the style of Egyptian figures, Greek kouroi often have their left leg extended forward as though walking; however, the figurine looks as though it could be either standing still or taking a long stride.

A direct influence between Egyptian sculptures (in particular the figure of Horus) and the kouros type has long been conjectured, not least because of trade and cultural relations that are known to have existed since the mid-seventh century BCE.

The kouros type appears to have served several functions.

It was previously thought that it was used only to represent the god Apollo, as attested by its depiction on a vase painting in the presence of supplicants.

given to free-standing ancient Greek sculptures that first appear in the Archaic period in Greece and represent nude male youths.

In Ancient Greek kouros means "youth, boy, especially of noble rank".


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