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So you only want to disable keyboard input still allowing selection with date picker?Yes, i want user to select date only from date picker.var time Str1="2017-04-14 ";var time Str2="2017-04-14";var time Reg1=/^(\d)\-(\d)\-(\d) (\d):(\d):(\d)$/;console.log(time Reg1.test(time Str1));//trueconsole.log(time Reg1.test(time Str2));//falsevar time Reg2=/^(\d)\-(\d)\-(\d)$/;console.log(time Reg2.test(time Str1));//falseconsole.log(time Reg2.test(time Str2));//truevar time Str1="2017-04-14 ";var time Str2="2017-04-14";var time Str3="2017/04/14";function validate CNDate( str Value ) console.log(validate CNDate(time Str1));//falseconsole.log(validate CNDate(time Str2));//trueconsole.log(validate CNDate(time Str3));//truevar reg Time = /^(([01]? Hi, I'm using your metaform plugin together with datetime field,and I configure it this way: meta Data: but When I don't input anything and call a Form()Valid().It doesn't allow user to key-in but allows to select from date picker. However, specifying width property fixes that and the calendar icon works fine.

Has anyone come up with a solution for this issue (besides changing time Position to right).

As for xdatetime, the datefield overlaps with the time field under the fieldset. Hope this helps Joe Saki, This is the exact issue I've been describing with tab panel or card panel.

The way he describes date field overlaps with time field, etc., is what I see too. ,destroy: function() it seems that the Date Value() returns the previous value after change Date or Time in version 3.3.0 I temporarily changed the Date Value() to be as following, it works.

We'll render our layout table into the wrapper div.] //was: ,default Auto Create: ,default Auto Create: ....

,on Render:function(ct, position) }} // {{{ /** * @private */ ,adjust Size: Ext. I am including: Then I pasted the code from page 1 of this thread That code relates to an earlier version of Ext. Since this thread is so old and long, you might do better to read it backwards ;-)I have run into the same issue with this field in the last row of a grid, when the time Position is set to below.


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