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More than half of the residents on Detroit Lake in Becker County are seasonal, yet local officials often fail to engage them in plans for the lake, said Barb Halbakken Fischburg, president of the Lake Detroiters Association, citing a controversial lakeshore hotel development approved by the city of Detroit Lakes in 2015.

“Seasonal owners have to feel a part of the community,” she said.

Coins with Phoenician legends underline that the Northern coast between Kyrenia and Lapithos were at least under Phoenician influence.The conflict between cabin owners from the metro area and rural counties is largely felt in central and northern Minnesota, where most of the state’s lakes are concentrated.) is a city on the northern coast of Cyprus, noted for its historic harbour and castle.Kyrenia together with Paphos, Soloi, Tremethousa and Salamis are marked by a pictogram showing two towers close together.Kyrenia is connected by a road via Lapithos and Soli with Paphos and via Chytri (Greek Kythraea, Turkish Deirmenlik) with Salamis.The dispute has been so heated that Knoblauch promised his dying father a few years back that he’d put away enough money for legal fees to keep the fight going.Last year, Knoblauch finally had had enough, and filed suit against the county, seeking an order to end the garbage operation.Another topographical source is the ‘Stadiasmus Maris Magni’ (from the name 'stadion', a unit measuring distances, 1 stadion = 184 metres). From Soli to Kyrenia he counted 350 stadia, from Kyrenia to Lapithos 50 and from Lapithos to Karpasia it was 550 stadia.The unknown author, who sailed from Cape Anamur on the Cilician coast to Cyprus and circumnavigated the island, gave the distances from Asia Minor to the nearest point in Cyprus. The 'Geography' of Claudios Ptolemaios which was lost for over a thousand years and rediscovered in medieval times, is a further important source upon which the later cartography of the Renaissance is based.But Knoblauch and others say they often don’t feel like they have much voice in how that tax money is spent.That frustration has prompted many property owners in lake country to question the fairness of a system where counties rely so heavily on taxpayers who live there only a few months of the year.


  1. You've probably heard the word hygge, but aren't really sure what it means. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are good places to find.

  2. Sure, restaurants come, and they go. But the parade of departures that have characterized the past 12 months could easily brand 2017 as the Year of the.

  3. The climate of the Twin Cities is classified as humid continental Köppen Dfa. A feature of the humid continental climate in the United States is that.

  4. Kyrenia Greek Κερύνεια locally t͡ʃeˈɾiɳˑa; Turkish Girne is a city on the northern coast of Cyprus, noted for its historic harbour and.

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  6. It’s a case of the locals protecting their own,” said Knoblauch, a homebuilder who lives in the Twin Cities suburb of Chanhassen. “Let’s all.

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