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However, other sketches were gruesome depictions of death and images of mutilated corpses.

According to the book, one drawing she described was of a bloodied woman clutching a rosary as bullets ripped through her spine while another depicted a grassy field filled with the corpses of young children whose faces were so mutilated they were unrecognizable.

Before he was questioned by police over his brother’s crime, Ryan Lanza claimed he had not seen Adam since 2010.

That said, the experts note that if he had mental problems, these, combined with years of social isolation, inadequacy and the easy availability of an arsenal of firearms, could have been a recipe for disaster. Paul Vance said that Lanza had 'hundreds' of bullets remaining when he killed himself in the school, and was in possession of multiple high-capacity magazines for all of the four guns he brought with him.

Olivia Engel, one of the children killed at Sandy Hook, was would have been an angel in her church's nativity- the evening nativity play was one of the few events running as planned in the town as church leaders and parents sought to provide something that would distract youngsters from the school tragedy.

According to a new book on the mass shooting that rocked the nation one year ago this month, Nancy Lanza recalled to a friend days before the attack that her son had become increasingly obsessed with the military since she told him he wasn't cut out to be a Marine, and she described finding disturbing pictures of mutilated corpses and murdered children under his bed.

During a vigil in Newtown, Connecticut last night for victims of the Sandy Hook shooting President Obama made several references to the prospective- and likely- legal battles that will come as politicians fight for tougher restrictions on guns in the wake of the shooting. Are we really prepared to say that we're powerless in the face of such carnage?

' he said, referring to the four other mass shootings that have taken place since Mr Obama was elected.

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One of the teachers gave him a hug afterwards and said he had done the right thing handling it like that'.

Shaken to the core: A family member told Mail Online the Lanza family has been decimated during the last year.

Mail Online visited Adam's brother, Ryan, left, and he looked drawn and exhausted.

Grief: Mourners at a memorial for Nancy Lanza earlier this year.

Family members have had to struggle with feeling grief for their loss and the guilt of what Adam did.


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