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Indeed, it has become so powerful and ever-present that some fear it may actually damage their own national cultures.

century, America was viewed as a cultural backwater.

The rise of the consumer economy and the “American lifestyle” in the 1950s had a terrific impact on the world when American popular culture went global.

In the 1800s the American author Mark Twain once remarked, “There is no such thing as the “Queen’s English”.

The stereotypes that American film and TV sell to their domestic public become the stuff of international opinion.

For example, the action heroes of movies like the series are regularly referred to when discussing American foreign policy.

The property has gone into the hands of a joint stock company and we own the bulk of the shares.” Today, close to 70% of all native English speakers are American, dwarfing all other groups.

A constant stream of American TV, films, songs, computer games and websites have spread American words and expressions far beyond its borders.

It was around the time of the First World War that things began to change, that America first began to export some of its home grown culture abroad through films and music.

In addition, dollars, most of it from an international audience.

This is what led former President Jacques Chirac to support putting a limit on the number of American films that could be shown in French cinemas because he did not want to see “European culture sterilized or obliterated by American culture for economic reasons that have nothing to do with real culture.” “Real culture” …hmmmmmmm. One interesting effect of the dominance of American culture in films and other media is that many people who have never been to the country nonetheless feel they have a good idea of what it is like to live there.

Yes, economics and innovation have their place in the story, but – hey! Sit-coms like “King of Queens” or “Everybody Loves Raymond”, hospital dramas like “ER” or “House” have made fans around the world because they stick to the basics – they portray regular people everyone can recognize and identify with, however dramatic or fanciful the situation they may find themselves in.

American culture celebrates the commonplace, the average, the universal and as a result it has gained a universal audience.


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