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Ukrainian dating tours

Gongadze's decapitated body was found in the woods outside Kiev in November 2000.Kuchma has long been suspected of having given instructions for the murder, and he is now expected to be questioned in the context of investigation into the slaying.Femen activist Olga bares her breasts for the lenses of the dozens of photographers who have gathered to see Kuchma.She holds up a poster: "Walk away, Lyonya, I will shield you,'" alluding to the fears that the Yanukovich-controlled courts only opened the case for PR purposes."It's a farce: the statute of limitations has expired," Hutsol, sitting in Cupidon says."In truth, they just want to close the file." 'We Want a Real Women's Revolution' Since Yanukovich took over the helm, the Ukrainian security forces have become increasingly interested in Femen.

The Ukrainian courts have opened a case against the former president for his alleged involvement in the death of journalist Heorhiy Gongadze.

Anna Hutsol, a petite figure with red-dyed hair, is the head of the movement.

The 26-year-old economist sits in front of her laptop, directing her topless fighters with the help of two mobile phones.

For two years, the organization has been fighting against sex tourism and prostitution in Ukraine, a country that even Google automatically associates with "dating agencies" and "women." The advertisements to the right of a Google search for "Ukraine" are for "Single Ukrainian Ladies," "Women From Ukraine," or "Partner Search Ukraine." Although the group has only a few dozen activists like Inna and around 300 supporters, the topless protests have established a global reputation for Femen.

One year ago, half-naked activists warning against the "Rape of Democracy" stormed the polling station where presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovich was casting his vote.


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