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She says it’s important to recognise that sex addiction and love addiction operate in many ways, just as other addictions, such as alcoholism.

For the alcoholic, the relief doesn’t necessarily come when they’ve had their first drink.

A sex addict might be sitting at work, and rather than focusing on the meeting the deadline for a presentation, he or she is engrossed in a dating app.

“We’ve seen it previously with online pornography being used in the workplace, but now this is taking over and becoming more around the instant sex that’s available for people online,” Markham says.

The app will show how many people there are looking for sex within, say a 5km radius.

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Markham says she and her colleagues are seeing the first wave of people losing their jobs – as well as their marriages and children – as a result of sex addiction, which is enabled by hook-up apps such as Tinder, Blendr and the like.

This is what sex addiction looks like today in our workplaces,” Markham says.

When the activity is exposed, it can be devastating for relationships and marriages.

And, Markham says, it’s often the case that their addiction occurs alongside another addiction, such as drug addiction or alcoholism.

Someone might come to a treatment centre for alcoholism, but it turns out that sex addiction is the underlying problem.


  1. Oct 9, 2017. Seven million UK residents are registered on dating sites, and around one in three relationships in the UK now start online.

  2. Here's a list and review of some Herpes dating sites so you can find a partner and start dating again. the person with HSV if they have it already; You have something in common though it might be awkward telling people where you met; If you both have the virus, maybe you can both have unprotected sex Woohoo!

  3. Mar 19, 2014. For when I wanted to be safer, I'd use regular dating sites like OkCupid. The internet helps shape the narrative want to tell. This practice was entirely manipulative and I'd often lie that I was single. That's the thing about online dating, it is public enough to gain access to a pool of people that are usually down.

  4. Sep 15, 2016. Dating apps and sites offer the option to filter matches by sex, ethnicity, height or religion, but they could be even more personal and include your HIV status. From there, they might engage in unprotected sex. This could lead to HIV infections because "one, the potential partner might not be telling the truth.

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