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Updating a tom tom gps

Update via Wi-Fi When connected to a stable internet connection via Wi-Fi, it is possible to update a PRO 5350/7350 conveniently and cable-free, without using a computer or micro SD card.

Hint: Consider that downloading a map update takes much longer than downloading just a firmware update and that it might be necessary to connect the device to a power source during the update.

Continue Reading Generally, installing updates is vital for the maintenance and overall functionality of an operating system-enabled device.

This ensures that the device is equipped with the most current security features, fixes and software enhancements offered by the product manufacturer.

We're back with another installment of our How to update your GPS maps series.

This week, we're taking on Tom Tom's Ease, One, XL, and XXL models.

For example, I run every single day of the week, and after each run I sync my watch and upload the activity to My Sport, and still sometimes I can find the next day that Quick GPS is not up to date. Especially in several occasions when I've run and synced my watch after the run and found Quick GPS up to date, the very next morning it has been out of date.This has happened several times in the last few weeks.Some months ago there was discussion about whether updating Quick GPS depended on the weekday: some people had found out that updating on Sundays was problematic.Since then I've had problems on any day of the week.Note: To learn more about Tom Tom HOME and the installation process, read the FAQ: Tom Tom HOME.Availability check and installation If Tom Tom HOME is installed and the navigation device is connected to the computer, Tom Tom HOME will start and check automatically for available updates.Updating a Tom Tom GPS device using Tom Tom Home requires several steps to complete, as outlined below. Click on the Stay Up to Date link under the Support header, which is located at the bottom part of the home page.Click on How Do I Update the Software on My Device and select the Devices Using Tom Tom Home option to obtain a list of instructions.If you're OK with this, you can continue using our sites.I wanted to continue the old thread but could not find it anymore.


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