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Engineer may require to travel to client’s site as needed to complete the project successfully.

Consult our factory for additional options and ordering info.A dedicated resources assigned to a client to carry out the work as require under the full direction of the client at the client’s location.Provided clients have a valid technical support, they can optionally purchase extended support for the NRE/service efforts that was performed by Mapu Soft’s engineers.It is offered gratuitously, as a helpful tool for those who are willing and able to install and operate the programs without further assistance.As with any freely distributed software, you may want to back up your computer before installing and running any of the programs.Pelajari selengkapnya, termasuk kontrol yang tersedia: Kebijakan Cookie. Learn more “Ada's Legacy is an original and valuable contribution to the commemoration of the bicentennial (of her birth).Many large scale legacy software systems are facing extended lifetime requirements.DDC-I is committed to these programs for the long term and will continue to maintain and support our products as long as our customers require.Hammerman's ongoing commitment to promote interdisciplinary engagement among women in STEM fields inspired her to organize the first international conference on the legacy of Ada Lovelace in October 2013.With over 30 years of experience supplying COTS and custom embedded solutions, DDC-I provides long-term, strategic advantages to an every changing safety critical industry.


  1. Software Utility v2.01 - 9/29/09, ZR-6 Firmware Update and Archive Software. This should be. Discrete IR Code Library, Copy and paste HEX IR codes for discrete control over ZR-6 Zone. The legacy software posted here has been installed and used on Niles' computers and has performed as intended. However, Niles.

  2. MapuSoft offers tools for porting & migration along with services to provide developers with easy legacy code migration to the next generation hardware/OS/RTOS platforms. As provider of embedded software re-usability solutions, we continually expand on our existing products & the technology that drives them.

  3. Abstract This paper reports on a case study on analyzing, structuring and re-using real-time control algorithms which represent a significant amount of intellectual property. As a starting point, legacy code written in ADA together with a Windows-based testing framework is available. The goal is to migrate the code onto a.

  4. Getting Updates for AppCOE. 22. Updating. Target Code Generator. 42. Ada-C/C++ Changer. Porting Applications from Nucleus PLUS Legacy Code to Target OS. 105. Porting Nucleus Legacy 'C' Code.

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