Updating adm files

For details, see the Registry settings section below.

Minimum number of minutes between automatic update checks.

Link Id=29911 Note The Group Policy Settings Reference includes information about settings for Windows XP with SP1 as well as settings for other Windows operating systems, such as Windows XP with SP2.

You can choose the operating system for which you want to view information about settings.

You can apply a set of policies to managed computers using the Group Policy Management Console.

Or, you can use another way, such as logon scripts, to directly modify the registry values.

Resources for Learning about Group Policy Installing Group Policy Management Console (GPMC)Updating Administrative Templates To learn about using Group Policy and the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC), see the following resources.

To learn about Group Policy settings that can be used with Windows XP with SP1, see the Group Policy Settings Reference on the Microsoft Web site at:

Provides a hint for the update servers about the update payload URLs returned in the update response. When enabled, this policy might result in the server responding with a payload that could be cached by downstream proxies or similar types of content-caching solutions. The server can ignore it, depending on load and several other reasons.By default, the update payloads can’t be cached in most cases.Usually, it isn't an issue for consumer instances of Chrome but it might be a problem for some enterprise environments.If a Chrome release causes an issue in your organization, you can turn off updates until it’s resolved.Google Update policies are grouped into 2 categories, Preferences and Applications.Or, you might want to specify how often Google Update checks for browser updates.You manage Google Update using Microsoft Windows Group Policy We recommend that you keep auto-updates turned on so your users receive software updates and critical security fixes.administrator, you can use group policy settings to specify which Google applications Google Update installs and updates on Windows computers.For example, you might want to allow users to only install specific applications.GPMC is available for download from the Microsoft Web site.For instructions for downloading and installing GPMC, see the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Web site at:


  1. Solution Not any longer; you previously had to import ADM templates on the DC or workstation on which you were managing GPOs through GPMC, gpedit, and ADUC

  2. Use Google Update to manage Google applications on Windows computersAs a Microsoft® Windows® administrator.adm files; Update Google application policy settings.

  3. Upgrading the ADMX Central Store files from. Instead of getting the list of adm/admx files from. Can I edit previous created GPOs after updating.

  4. This article describes how ADM files work, the policy settings that are available to manage their operation, and recommendations about how to handle common.

  5. How to create and manage the Central Store for Group. Templates files. The ADM folder is not. Updating the Administrative Templates files

  6. Updating GPO ADMX files. Windows Server Group Policy. If you use the wrong ADMx the setting is out of reach, but still in.

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