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If the user cancels the update the current paid-up license will continue to work.If the user continues then a "renewal" is required.Red Fox (formerly Sly Soft) is a software development company based in Belize. At some point in February 2016, Sly Soft shut down, with its home page replaced by a message citing "recent regulatory requirements".The company is most prominently known for its software Any DVD, which can be used to bypass copy protection measures on optical media, including DVD and Blu-ray Disc media, as well as Clone CD, which is used to back up the contents of optical discs. On or around February 16, 2016, AACS LA had requested that the Office of the United States Trade Representative place Antigua and Barbuda on its Priority Watch List of countries that fail to prevent intellectual property violations, with specific reference to Sly Soft.Experienced users can modify conversion parameters under settings if they so desire. DVDFab HD Decrypter The program supports older DVD and Blu-Ray formats only.

Make MKVMake MKV is a free cross-platform (Windows, Linux and Mac) DVD and Blu-Ray conversion software that converts the video clips found on discs to MKV files.

announcing the change ahead of time was sent to all registered customers allowing everyone the chance to purchase the lifetime option "while it is still possible;" and the notice was posted to their official forums.

In January 2011, all announcements regarding the change were deleted without comment and a new structured licensing plan was put into place; including the lifetime licensing option at the highest priced tier.

On 8 November 2007, Sly Soft claimed to have completely cracked BD .

However, this turned out to be incorrect, as subsequent versions of BD security code have caused Sly Soft to re-design its software.


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