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Updating fuji memory card software

Reset, Reset, Reset Wi Fi Sett, and Format)Edit: I think you are following the DMC-LX7 menus or manuals, which seem to be different.

I don't know why the camera needs the OS version number but I suspect it only checks on Windows devices anyhow, as Microsoft has a habit of changing "standards" to suit themselves and expect everyone else to jump in line, so checking the OS version number is very common practice.

I do agree that their website looks old fashioned and a little outdated.

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This week, Fujifilm has released several firmware updates as part of this effort.

It should be Windows supporting the camera by drivers or they should be upgrading win drivers instead. implementing broken USB standards just to support Microsoft? Edit: Fuji claims in their site "because the camera doesn’t recognize OS information of Windows10." So yes, a broken implementation.

Why on earth should any USB device care about the version of OS on the other side?

Still the camera was bought by many customers upon that first set of specs and features.

Never knowing that their camera would get even better features. has updated the firmware for its LX5 high-end enthusiast compact.


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