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Updating gemini via blue panel

Click ‘Uninstall’ and then ‘Finish’ when the uninstaller completes. On completion of the uninstall, run the 'Trilogy V5Setup.exe' for currently installed version on the system. If a spare host is to be deployed in place of, for example host 2, using the Preset option it is possible to load the correct IP and E. H values for the host so the spare can be easily swapped with the currently deployed host 2. The log file may then be analysed by Trilogy engineering to debug any potential issues related to the system. To enable logging, first browse to each Gemini host and open the Admin Settings screen, tick the ‘Debug logging’ and ‘Spy logging’ check boxes and click ‘Apply’ for the changes to take.

On the ‘Quick or Customised Upgrade’ screen choose ‘Customised’. Best practice is to edit and load the Preset file to all Gemini hosts in advance. These changes can be made on the live system without disrupting the system.

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| How do I transfer the Gateway editor onto a new server PC? | How many simultaneous routes can the Gemini make? | What is the DSP usage with regards to Multicast Conference and Direct Route Conference option?

Now click ‘apply’ to install the new Gemini firmware.

Please note this will take each host offline for approximately 5 minutes whilst the new firmware is flashed into the Gemini host.

If you have Mercury or Messenger hosts then remote desktop to each of these and check the status page of the TBC GUI.

Open the ‘Active Clients’ screen on the Gateway Editor and ensure all the hosts are reported on the screen. If you wish to migrate the Trilogy Gateway Editor and Database Supervisor software to a new server PC you will first need the following three items from the current server PC: 1. Choose next to continue, on the first screen choose ‘Installation’. On the ‘Quick or Customised Upgrade’ screen choose ‘Customised’.

This can be set from either the Gemini Front panel or via the browser: From the front panel System screen: enter the new server IP address in the ‘DB Server’ entry.To apply the change touch the ‘Reboot Required’ flashing message at the top of the screen, the Gemini will now reboot to action the change.Please note: To be able to edit this address you need to first log in on the Front Panel Settings page requires a log in password, the default password is ‘trilogy’. Once the editor is running load the *.trilogy configuration file.Before you start, you will first need the following three items from the current server PC: select this option. Select either Preset number to select the host profile you wish to apply. Press the tick to confirm the selection and the tick again to reboot the Gemini with the new profile. From the Gateway Editor, open the ‘Active Clients’ form. Right click on the Gemini host to which you have just assigned the new profile.If this box is checked you will need to re-enter a key code when the editor is first launched. Choose ‘Upload’ to send the configuration file to this host and restart when prompted. As an alternative to steps 5 & 6, you can reload the correct configuration via the Gemini web browser Admin # ==================================================## Description of system presets ini file fields##[System Preset] System preset section header#SPCT=2 Number of system presets defined in this ini file##[SP00] Preset section header range is from SP00 to SPXX# If SPCT is equal to 2 XX = 01 (i.e SPCT-1=XX) ##EDHS=0.1.1 EDHS value for system preset##HOST=Castor Hostname for system preset - must adhere to hostname validity.# Valid characters are (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, -, _) - no spaces or# other characters allowed ##PDSC=WAN Ground Floor System preset description or tag# Valid characters as for host but spaces and other characters# should be allowed##IPAD=1.220 IP Address of Gemini host##SBNT= Subnet mask##GTWY=1.1 Default gateway - can be left undefined or Domain name server - can be left undefined or Database server IP address## ================================================== [System Preset] SPCT=2 [SP00]EDHS=0.1.1HOST=Studio1/2PDSC=Local range IPAD= [SP01]EDHS=0.1.2HOST=Studio3PDSC=Local range IPAD= Back to top The Gemini IP Logger software captures the Gemini TBC messages and saves the information to a timestamped text file on the PC running the Database Supervisor application.A progress indicator will tell you when the update is complete. From the Gateway Editor ‘Upload’ and the ‘Restart’ the configuration to the Gemini hosts. Finally browse to each host and check the Help The following list contains the TCP/IP functions that can be used by the Gemini/Messenger system.The specified port numbers are the factory defaults and the port numbers can be changed by the Administrator in the Gateway Editor.Next open the Active Clients screen to check the new server can see all Gemini/MIU hosts in the system. Finally click upload/restart to upload the *.trilogy file to the hosts and restart the configuration file on the system.Back to top If the Gateway Editor installation appears corrupted, possibly due to a power outage on the PC, the recommended recovery process is to re-install the Gateway Editor and Database Supervisor software on the PC.Testo, immagini e filmati sono di pubblico dominio.Per segnalare eventuali errori nell'uso di materiale riservato, contattateci, provvederemo prontamente alla rimozione del materiale lesivo di diritti di terzi. I decoder Dreambox sono prodotti da Dream Multimedia con cui NON HA ALCUN CONTATTO.


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