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Updating incremental values in a plsql cursor explain relative dating of fossils

update of a partition key that causes a row to move.

that moves rows and would change rowids Hi Tom, just one question regarding your rowid primary key combination suggestion.

However, in the year 2008, rowid is not constant - many things can cause rowids to change.

As for the last one - the answer is "of course not".

3) SQL SELECT xidusn,xidslot,xidsqn,object_id,session_id,locked_mode 2 FROM V$LOCKED_OBJECT; XIDUSN XIDSLOT XIDSQN OBJECT_ID SESSION_ID LOCKED_MODE ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------- 8 21 61670 101115 10 3 Question 1) What is SESSION_ID and SID in oracle represents?

where rowid = :x and primary_key = :pk; we can use the rowid to find the row (fast) and assuming it is still there update it.If you insert A insert B and later insert C delete A insert D it is quite possible that D will be "first" in the table - as it took over A's place.If rowids always "grew", than space would never be reused (that would be an implication of rowids growing always - we would never be able to reuse old space as the rowid is just a file.block.slot-on-block - a physical address) SELECT * FROM V$MYSTAT WHERE ROWNUM =1; SID STATISTIC# VALUE ---------- ---------- ---------- 10 0 1 So now My SESSION_ID is "29058" (This matches with AUDSID column of V$session) & SID is "10" Then I Issued a Update statement on my Table 'T' and executed the below query.December 02, 2008 - am UTC sessionid maps to audsid and can be unreliable (eg: for sys recursive transactions, it'll be 0).sid,serial# uniquely identifies your session I would stick to using sid,serial# Hi Tom, we have a table named STG_INBOUND.once completed the PROCESSED_FLAG in the table is marked to 'Y'.if any error in the data then it will be marked to 'N' and start processing the next record.For ex: delete from T where rowid in ( November 28, 2008 - pm UTC in order for a rowid to change you have to enable row movement first - so, if row movement is not enabled, then no.If it is, then flashback table could change a rowid, but that is DDL and would not happen concurrently with a delete (so it would not affect it) alter table t shink space compact, that moves rows and would change rowids...ALTER TABLE STG_INBOUND DROP PARTITION ; Question 1) we dont have any primary key in the STG_INBOUND table.we use ROWID to update the PROCESSED_FLAG = Y or PROCESSED_FLAG ='N', is this a right approch to follow? Also we are not performing any updates on the PARTITION_KEY results in ROW_MOVEMENT & not even issuing ALTER TABLE ...


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