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Updating old christmas ornaments

I also drilled a 1/4″ hole into the center of the tires for the wire to run through.I cut some baling wire to form a loop at the top (or bottom depending on how you look at it) of the bucket.I used my staple gun and 1″ staples and stapled around the edge of the plywood into the tire.I wanted to make sure that nobody poked their fingers on the insides of the tires, so I hammered down the staples, which also prevents them from being pulled out.

I then drew a smaller circle inside of that to make the size I needed for the fronts of the tires. I applied a bead of Liquid Nails along the edge of the circle and stuck it down on the tire.

If not and you're looking for something special you may want to check out Vintage Peddler on East Trafficway.

"Just something they remember from their childhood. "I have some members of my family that just love getting something unique or one of a kind while others may prefer to get something new out of the box.""Part of it is the search for it and the uniqueness of the item I guess and the history of the people who kept such good care of it," said Chelsea Corp, another Vintage Peddler shopper.

I cut out three different stencil designs for the “ornaments.” I sprayed two with white spray paint and then the Christmas tree design was sprayed with green spray paint and then green glitter spray.

I was planning to add lights to these, but once they were all finished, I really loved the look of just the painted designs.


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