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Updating reference tables

Often this is because the pivot table was previously referencing a 'table' and that table (data set) has been deleted and replaced with something else, maybe another table.Click on the sheet where the data/table is If it's formatted as a table check the table name - on the far left Change to the sheet where the pivot table is Click once on the pivot table Under 'Pivot Table Tools' click Options (or Analyze if you are using Excel 2013) Click Change Data Source It'll ask you for the range or table name, make sure the table name is correct Pivot tables reference either a table name or a range of cells for their data.The sequence tables of the sample upgrade package are the same as in the original product.

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Linked tables, on the other hand, automatically reflect changes that were made to the source. (SHOW PROCESSLIST Syntax) lists many of the different processlist State values with an explanation of each.However it does not include an explanation of what 'updating reference tables' means, which is especially unfortunate as I have a long running query in that state that is negatively impacting the performance of my server.Last week, one of the class groups I was involved in, finished writing a report of significant length.It was loaded with figures, tables, source citations, a table of contents, and appendices.The advantage of creating and maintaining the data in Excel, instead of importing it or pasting it in, is that you can continue to modify the values in the Excel worksheet, while you are using the data for analysis in Power Pivot.In this task, you will create a link from the Stores data in the worksheet in your Excel window to the table in the Power Pivot window.Here are some common referencing tasks, and steps to accomplish them.Most of the steps mentioned here only apply to Word 2007, but these features are not exclusive to the 2007 edition.For the rather technical paper, referencing the figures, tables, etc.was very important, and one of the tasks that came with editing the document was updating the references whenever new ones were added.


  1. The sequence tables of the sample upgrade package are the same as in the original product.

  2. Requires authorization. Updates information in an existing table. The update method replaces the entire table resource, whereas the patch method only.

  3. The inserted and deleted tables passed to an INSTEAD OF trigger defined on the view also have an int column. Complex expressions can reference multiple.

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