Updating slackware 10

Smart offers several interfaces geared toward different kinds of users.

You can use a command-line interface, a shell interface (which eases performing multiple operations), or a Python-based graphic interface.

My first step after every installation and update is to install it and getting rid of all alternatives.

Smart is currently at version 0.52 and is available under the General Public License (GPL).

Now that you have Quake installed and you’ve fragged for a while, you realize that there’s a feature of about which you know, or a compiler setting, from which you can benefit, yet it’s not enabled.

Fortunately, sbopkg allows configuration of each Slackbuild by copying the original to an appropriately named version. Of course, we can use the original, or our version (local), or even view the diff. When upgrading SBo packages, you’ll need to manually diff the original with your local version to see what has changed; at the very least, the Slackware 14.1 packages and flagging potential updates...

Following the Slackware way, sbopkg doesn’t resolve dependencies for you.

It does, however, provide you with the required SBo packages of each SBo package; it assumes you have a full Slackware install as well.

In there, you can see a reference to all known SBo packages, categorized for clarity.If you provide several alternative mirrors, Smart will decide which to use based on the history of previous downloads.It chooses the fastest mirrors with the fewest errors or problems.Free BSD is under constant development between releases.Some people prefer to use the officially released versions, while others prefer to keep in sync with the latest developments.It can do parallel downloads, allows multiple connections to a site, and supports timestamp checking, download resuming, and cached files.It can deal with all the usual protocols: FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, SCP, Telnet, LDAP.If everything looks good, sbopkg knows which packages you’re referencing, proceed with the installation.sbopkg will download all of the required sources for your architecture and it will run the required Slackbuild.However, even official releases are often updated with security and other critical fixes.Regardless of the version used, Free BSD provides all the necessary tools to keep the system updated, and allows for easy upgrades between versions.


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  3. Update September 2012 pre-Slackware 14.0 only Check the comments on how to adapt the slackbuild to Oracle's Java 7 */

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