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Important: In large environments with numerous concurrent sessions, increasing the retention interval may have significant impact on the SCOM data warehouse database.

Citrix SCOM Management Pack for Xen App and Xen Desktop consists of two custom datasets: Machine dataset and Session dataset.

For machines without matching hostname mask, the Citrix MPXAXD Machine Agent service user account is used.

Each instance of Citrix SCOM Management Pack Agent for Xen App and Xen Desktop (each proxy node) can be configured to monitor machines for one or more Delivery Controller instances.

In the Xen Desktop MP Configuration tool, you can specify machine hostname mask and account pairs.

For any machine matching specific machine hostname mask, the corresponding user account is used for Win RM communication.

In the dialog box, in the Name column, click Number of Concurrent Users (Performance DB DW) and then click OK to close the dialog box. For a complete list of performance rules and availability monitors that can be used to configure service level objectives, see Citrix SCOM Management Pack for Xen App and Xen Desktop Reference Guide, available from Tuning thresholds for monitors and rules.

In our example, we do not want more users at any time. From the Service level objective goal drop-down list, select Less Than and then type 1000 in the text box. Click OK to close the Service Level Objective (Collection Rule) dialog box. In the Service Level Tracking wizard window, click Next. You can use the procedure in this section to create personalized SLAs for sites, delivery groups, or any other object that the Citrix SCOM Management Pack for Xen App and Xen Desktop discovers.

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In advanced scenarios, you can use different accounts for Win RM communication for different machines.It provides service level objectives (SLA and SLO objects) for Xen App and Xen Desktop environment monitoring. This sample management pack includes the following pre-set definitions for service level objectives: In real world scenarios, you would create different service level tracking rules for each Site and delivery group in your organization. To make the SLA dashboards useful in practice, you must create your own SLAs that are tailored to your needs. Additional details may also be found in the Event view, where all Citrix-related Windows events are logged.For instructions on how to import the unsealed management pack, see Manually importing included management packs into SCOM. You may also want to include other parameters for setting the service level objectives. In the Add SLA dialog box, in the Service Level column, select Site Health and click Add. Following the steps below, a new SLA for a Site named "Boston" will be created, and it will check whether we are crossing maximum allowed number of concurrent users, since we only have 1,000 concurrent licenses available. Failed registrations are monitored only for the powered-managed virtual machines and not for managed physical machines. Thus, these situations may have a big impact on the number of available machines in a delivery group. In the dialog box, in the Target column, select XAXD Site Data Collector and then click OK to close the dialog box. Before any desktop or application can be brokered by Xen App and Xen Desktop, Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) installed on the desktop or server machine has to register with one of the Delivery Controllers in a Xen App and Xen Desktop Site. If the machine is not registered correctly, it cannot be used.Proxies use Win RM with Kerberos authentication to communicate with machines and Delivery Controllers.All Win RM communication is done in the context of an account that is configured for the Citrix MPXAXD Machine Agent service on the proxy node.It provides better, more comprehensive as well as more optimized data collection and data processing for better Xen App and Xen Desktop architecture and end-user analysis, planning, and troubleshooting.The maximum database space consumption for a few sample environments with default database grooming is presented in the table that follows.Best practice is to configure Machine Agents (on proxy nodes) to monitor performance of no more than 2,000 concurrently running server OS or desktop OS machines.In environments where the number of machines registered with each Delivery Controller is smaller, you can configure one proxy node to handle multiple Deliver Controller instances.


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