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Updating wardrobe

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Or come across a hat that immediately makes you think of someone who’d love it? It’s just a matter of finding the style that best fits you.

While there might not be anything wrong with your clothes, they should at least help channel who you are as a person.

) I used to go thrifting every week and get at least 5 new pieces each time.

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Since we’re finally coming into the warm season, I’ve been working on going through last year’s summer clothes – checking out what shape they’re in, if they still fit, if I still love them and then following steps to get rid of pieces that don’t make the cut.I thought that this painting might be good for Halloween - it's sort of dark without being macabre or outright spooky...I see this painting all of the time - it's in the Art Institute of Chicago - and I swear that I see navy blue in the areas near the horizon!Your clothes should complement your lifestyle and hobbies.If you look inside your closet and get one big, “Blah! Building a great wardrobe doesn’t often happen overnight.At any rate, I think that these colors make amazing accents...One could easily include some gold, some medium blues and a bit of grey and live with the color-scheme forever. This version of The Common Wardrobe is a hair dressier than usual - no jeans, and a pair of navy wool pants in their place.It means building a wardrobe that speaks to your personality and interests.Ever walked into a store and noticed a top that reminds you of someone?A pair of high-quality trousers can be worn almost anywhere... Bean; wool pants – Lands’ End The necklace shown here is fast becoming a classic...The navy ribbed tee shirt is a notch more elegant than the white cotton tee shirt, so that provides you with additional options. It's available in FIFTEEN different combinations, and I see them everywhere!


  1. How do you build a new wardrobe on a budget? Today you can discover how to build a killer wardrobe without breaking the bank.

  2. Sliding Wardrobe Door Update. January 27, 2012 23 Comments. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you probably remember this simple robe door makeover from about.

  3. Painting a wood wardrobe is an economical way to refresh an old piece of furniture and make it over to match your current decorating style. If the wardrobe is already.

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