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Updating your applications infrastructure One to one adult webcam chat phone pay

However, as a developer you need to be aware of the types of scaling offered and when it makes sense to scale horizontally or vertically.Vertical scaling refers to a type of scaling that has been the default choice for decades.With manual scaling, you specify that you want the application to scale up to handle increased traffic when you know you have an upcoming event that will increase application demand.For example, if you know that you are going to be running a marketing campaign to attract more users to your application, you might want to proactively add additional servers to your cluster.With a click of a button, you can spin up virtual machines hosted by a provider with an operating system of your choice.

With horizontal scaling, the application load and requests are spread over a group of smaller servers that are typically behind a load balancer.

Pro: Paa S provides a complete environment that is actively managed, letting you focus on your application code.

Con: Developers are often restricted to certain major/minor versions of packages available on the system so that the vendor can manage the platform effectively.

No doubt, you are aware that cloud computing offers great promise for developers.

However, you might not know about the areas where this technology can provide value to you and your projects.


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