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Us patent dating chart

Either it is an amendment to the original and keeps the original application number as well, or else the applicant is submitting fresh material and is starting from scratch.In this case, 0517653 was amended by 0602169 but kept the original number.

Unitary effect of newly granted European patents can be requested from the date when the related Unified Patent Court Agreement enters into force for the first group of ratifiers, and will extend to those participating member states for which the UPC Agreement had entered into force at the time of registration of the unitary patent.The claims set this out and is based on the description and any drawings.If allowed protection by the UK Intellectual Property Office, it is published, perhaps in amended form, as &End Highlight=GB2436596B.These numbers were in annual sequences from October 1852 to 1915 and were normally quoted as the application number alone, such a 2600. In some cases nothing was published with a particular number, especially between 18.Often a citation to such a patent omits the year, which makes finding the number very awkward. This was because if the short “provisional” application was not followed up with the longer “complete” application then nothing was published.Those published numbers began with 100001 and are still being occasionally added to in a 1600000 range.Before 1916 there was only a single number, allocated at application.The patents to 1915 are cited in the format GB190507239, again with zeroes if necessary to make 5 digits after the year.Before October 1852 (which was when the Irish, Scottish and English offices combined) there is a single sequence of numbers for English numbers, 1 to 14,359. Blaisdell's world-famous guarantee that "It works or we fix it free™" still covers every Zippo windproof pocket lighter today.If your Zippo lighter needs repair, please visit our repair page for instructions.


  1. Table of Issue Years and Patent Numbers. the Patent and Trademark Office has a file that lists all patent numbers and their associated dates of grant.

  2. The United States patent number for each year is the first patent issued that calendar year. Always remember, patent date is only when something was patented, not.

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