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The local economy had been affected by the negative image of the region, which discouraged major domestic and international investors.

Agricultural land had been contaminated during the years of testing and underground water cycles had been disturbed. Arystanbekova, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the United Nations spoke of the “…severe socio-economic, humanitarian and ecological consequences, and also the serious harm by the negative impact to the environment of the many years of nuclear tests at the Semipalatinsk nuclear testing ground…

Five of the surface tests were unsuccessful and resulted in the dispersion of plutonium into the environment, with the first test on 29 August 1949 unexpectedly contaminating villages to the northeast of the STS.

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Explosions were conducted on the surface and in the atmosphere.Four years ago this month, the UK’s biggest budget airline, easy Jet, launched services from Gatwick and Manchester to Moscow with great fanfare.But it axed the Manchester route in 2015 and the Gatwick link last year after suffering heavy losses.The director-general of Lviv airport, Tetiana Vasylivna, said: “We are extremely proud and happy to be among the first airports in Ukraine to host flights operated by powerful low-cost airline Ryanair.She described the launch as The airline’s chief commercial officer, David O’Brien, was equally gushing, saying: “Ryanair will be another bridge that connects the infrastructure of Ukraine with Europe and it will be a good signal for the world's major investors.”“You’re picked up in the centre of Kiev at around 8 am, drive to Chernobyl town, check out the town and memorial, continue to the weirdly wonderful Duga-3 Soviet missile warning array, before visiting the Kopachi kindergarten and arriving at the reactor itself."Ryanair's low-cost links from Britain are not the first to Ukraine: Wizz Air currently flies three times a week between Luton and Kiev.Exposure to radiation Officially, the only inhabitants in the immediate vicinity during the testing programme were in the nearby town of Kurchatov, whose purpose was to service the site, and in two small settlements along the northern edge of the site.However, local officials maintain that hundreds of thousands of people lived within an 80 km radius of the STS., Robert Elegant describes how residents of the village of Sarjal were evacuated before one extremely powerful blast but were returned after ten days.As well as an epidemic of babies born with severe neurological and major bone deformations, some without limbs, there have also been many cases of leukaemia and other blood disorders, according to James Lerager’s 1992 article .Lerager goes on to say:”The director of the Oncology Hospital in Semipalatinsk estimates that at least 60,000 people in the region have died from radiation-induced cancers; ‘officially,’ the area has the lowest cancer rate in Kazakhstan.”.There is even a museum of mutations at the regional medical institute in Semey, the largest city near the old nuclear testing site.It consists of a room filled with jars containing monstrosities caused by nuclear testing such as deformed fetuses and human organs, and animal carcasses barely recognizable as potential living beings.


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