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Utah county dating ideas

The Utah Jazz is on season, as are the Utah Grizzlies hockey team.

Local colleges also have football, basketball and other sporting events during the Winter.

Because you will be sampling each dish cooked, there is no need to go out to dinner beforehand, which will also save you money!

Taking a walk and spending time talking is a great way to spend date night.

(For discount tickets to the Utah Jazz, our contact is Steve Nord (801) 325-7222.

You can also visit his Facebook page.) For the couple that loves to cook together, or wants to learn fun and new recipes, Taste Culinary Boutique at Gardner Village offers cooking classes.

With the cold weather upon us, some may think it means an end to fun date nights. Winter brings a whole new set of ideas for fun and magical date nights in Utah.

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If you split that into two couples, it's only per couple. Many different packages are available, including a Christmas Lights Tour during the holiday season. During the holiday season, a Grimm Ghost Christmas Tour is a perfect date night idea.

One of the most romantic scenes from the movie Serendipity is where they are ice skating in Times Square, and meet again there years later as the snow is gently falling around them.

Utah has some beautiful and magical ice rinks, both indoor and out.

Visit the Grimm Ghost Tours website for complete details.

We recently attended a Date Night Workshop at Amber Creek Family Counseling Center, and it was fabulous.


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  2. Are you tired of the same old thing for date night? Dinner and a movie is getting old! Need some date night ideas? let's have fun and bond on date night!

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