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Validating adequacy and suitablity of business it re consolidating private student loans

In this paper, we present the challenges we face in the development of an inter-enterprise alignment maturity model, as well as the current solutions to counter these problems.

Citation Context ..multiple-case studies [55] will help us to recognize the best practices of each of the identified units to define their levels of maturity.

In this complex context, it is still unclear how to detect obstacles at early stages and how to plan collaboration among peers.

This paper reports on a case study that analysed e-customs, a large distributed system that connects the customs organisations of a number of member states of the European Union.

Such organisations are often driven by intangible benefits that are difficult to measure.In this paper we propose the first version of such a model, which we derive from various alignment models and theories. MM for CNOs, our literature review also covers some MMs that can be applied in collab2More information on orative settings (e.g., EIMM [29], IT outsourcing MM [1], extended CMM =-=[41]-=-, E2AMM [44], SCM MM [32], and Collab MM [31]).Each of these models covers a particular domain related to B-ITa in CNOs (e.g. Coordination aspects are key elements to manage inter-organisational systems, as inadequate coordination causes costly problems in the implementation of these systems.Citation Context ...ework is deployed in a de-centralized manner.Furthermore, the architecture is pro-active as the FSMs controls which operations are invoked on the contract objects. Agreement type: Glue Qo S =-=[41]-=- is a middleware-based approach to match, interpret, and mediate Qo S requirements of clients and servers.Citation Context ...interoperability maturity model (Clark and Jones, 1999), the supply chain management maturity model (Lockamy III and Mc Cormack, 2004), and the maturity framework for managing distributed development (=-=Ramasubbu et al., 2005-=-).However, existing maturity models do not sufficiently address inter-governmental networks and practice shows that descriptive concepts that are more expressive for inter-governmental networks are s... contract number 638.003.407 (Value-based Business-IT Alignment). Business-IT alignment is pervasive today, as organizations strive to achieve competitive advantage.We will present to the experts 18sthe units and levels identified in a random list to ask them to rank and order t...Citation Context ..instruments To devise a process for validating the business-IT alignment criteria included in the VITALMM, we chose two methods preferred by other researchers in their MM validation studies (e.g., =-=[2, 3, 16, 24, 29]-=-). Because each method brings its own unique advantages and limitations, we decided to use them jointly and, thus, ensure the triangulation of our res...In this paper, we report on a multi-method approach we devised to confront the validation of the business-IT alignment criteria that we included in the maturity model.As independent feedback is critical for our validation, we used a focus group session and a case study as instruments to take the first step in validating the business-IT alignment criteria.


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  3. Validating Adequacy and Suitability of Business-IT Alignment Criteria in an Inter-Enterprise Maturity Model 202

  4. Validating Adequacy and Suitability of Business-IT Alignment Criteria in an Inter-Enterprise Maturity Model Roberto Santana Tapia∗, Maya Daneva, Pascal van Eck

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  6. A Cost-Effective Approach to Validating Performance of the. Audit Committee and Board of Directors Business Continuity Management Compliance COSO Cybersecurity.

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