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Validating bank account numbers

Legitimate business firms do not make these kinds of calls.

Garda intelligence suggests that such calls originate from Asia and Africa and the phone numbers quoted are usually fake.

This bogus invoice fraud usually involves genuine invoice details being intercepted by unknown means, the beneficiary account details are altered so that payment is redirected to an account under the fraudster's control.

The fraud will usually be discovered some time afterwards when the legitimate company sending the invoice queries "non-payment".

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Commerce Bank’s Online Services offer you 24-hour access to your bank account information.

Through Commerce Bank’s Online Banking, it is easy for you to do your banking transactions from home, the office or wherever you are provided you have access to the Internet.

The guide below will give you details on how customers login, reset forgotten password and enroll for online banking in Commerce Bank.

In both instances, during the call the customer is requested to provide their date of birth and their bank card details to the perpetrator.

Following disclosure of this information customer accounts are subject to fraud as a result of this scam.


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