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Operating system version info has restricted usage for the Microsoft Store.This has often been incorrectly used by apps to check OS version so that the app can provide users with functionality that is specific to an OS version.APTCA has no effect when the assembly is a part of a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app.

The Bin Scope Binary Analyzer tests check for the correct use of the following security-related features.Changing the default Windows security protections can put customers at increased risk.Tests the app's security by running the Bin Scope Binary Analyzer.This option is on by default in the Release configurations of Visual Studio.Verify this option is enabled in the build instructions for all executable modules in your app.Monitors the app during certification testing to record when it crashes or hangs.Apps that stop responding or crash can cause the user to lose data and have a poor experience.We expect apps to be fully functional without the use of Windows compatibility modes, App Help messages, or compatibility fixes.Apps must not list DLLs to load in the HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Windows\App Init-DLLs registry key.This verifies that an app package (APPX, app bundle) contains one application.This was changed in the kit to be a standalone test. For Windows Phone 8.1 apps the test verifies the total number of appx packages in the bundle is Review the app's manifest against the requirements described in the App package requirements.


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  3. I tried running windows update from the action center today and now get this error message. Last successful update was a couple of

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