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Validating large xml files

The editor opens these instantly and can even re-format them.

In addition to Smart Fix, the XML validator includes numerous features for helping you create valid XML documents and validate existing XML files quickly and easily.In the margin of Text View as well as in the Smart Fix pane of the XML validator message window, XMLSpy enumerates the possible corrections for fixing each error and will make the required changes automatically based on your selection.You have full control over which fix is implemented, but XMLSpy will make the selected change automatically, reducing the time spent troubleshooting and testing considerably.No, the undo buffer like the rest of the editor just stores the positions of the changes, so if you delete a large section of the document, only the position of the deletion is stored.However if you add data via the keyboard or pasted from another application, it will need to store that data, so the undo buffer will increase in size accordingly.Yes, anything that causes the editor to scan the entire file will be slow (the bigger the file the slower).So operations like Find & Replace, XML Validate & XML Format need to read the whole file so will be slower.Increasing file sizes means the ability to view and edit these files is becoming more vital in every day life.Typical applications include Yes, the cut and paste operations only store details of where the block has come from, so you can do a select all on a GB's of data then cut and paste it multiple times and the memory footprint will barely change. We designed the editor to cope with huge lines, it’s not uncommon to see XML files on a single line.Most editors work by loading the whole document into memory.This is not possible if the document is to big to load into memory.


  1. Simply open large documents like any other file. You can also use the built-in File explorer if you just want to validate huge XML data. XML ValidatorBuddy provides support for huge XML documents multi-GB to open and validate those files directly in the application. Regardless of the size of the document, the application.

  2. XML editor that quickly loads large XML using little memory. Browse, edit, syntax check, fix, validate, and search any size file.

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