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Validating the destination file paths

You must specify Primary Member as $True for this membership, so that the server performs initial build with no need for partners. Note the sample output below and how I used the built-in –Verbose parameter to see more AD polling details: 2.

This has been the way of DFSR since Microsoft introduced it in Windows Server 2003 R2.

If there are differences, DFSR only has to synchronize the delta of changes as part of a shortened initial sync process.

We are talking about fundamental, state of the art performance improvements here, folks.

Today I talk about one of the most radical: DFSR database cloning. DFSR – or any proper file replication technology – spends a great deal of time validating that servers have the same knowledge.

This is critical to safe and reliable replication; if a server doesn’t know everything about a file, it can’t tell its partner about that file.


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