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Vb net an error occured while validating

Run the application and navigate to the Notice how the form has automatically used a red border color to highlight the text boxes that contain invalid data and has emitted an appropriate validation error message next to each one.

The errors are enforced both client-side (using Java Script and j Query) and server-side (in case a user has Java Script disabled).

When that completes, upload %TEMP%\to an Internet share like which gives you 7GB of free cloud storage using the same Microsoft account you use for these forums.

Then share the URL here in this forum with a description of your problem.

The controller and views you created earlier in this tutorial automatically picked up the validation rules that you specified by using validation attributes on the properties of the action method, and the same validation is applied.You might wonder how the validation UI was generated without any updates to the code in the controller or views.The next listing shows what the public Action Result Create() // POST: /Movies/Create // To protect from overposting attacks, please enable the specific properties you want to bind to, for // more details see [Http Post] [Validate Anti Forgery Token] public Action Result Create([Bind(Include = "ID, Title, Release Date, Genre, Price, Rating")] Movie movie) method re-displays the form.NET Framework helps make your application more robust.It also ensures that you can't forget to validate something and inadvertently let bad data into the database.The Regular Expression attribute is used to limit what characters can be input. Code First ensures that the validation rules you specify on a model class are enforced before the application saves changes in the database.For example, the code below will throw a Db Entity Validation Exception exception when the Having validation rules automatically enforced by the .If you have any problems installing Visual Studio or the .NET Framework, please download and run the log collection utility.model, and you'll ensure that the validation rules are enforced any time a user attempts to create or edit a movie using the application. You can declaratively specify validation rules in one place (in the model class) and the rules are enforced everywhere in the application. This reduces the amount of code you need to write and makes the code you do write less error prone and easier to maintain. NET MVC and Entity Framework Code First is a great example of the DRY principle in action.


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