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Vodafone tend to direct their customer support over the phone so hopefully you will receive a call from them at some point soon after raising the case.

If not, you will have the option to send the case to a senior customer service representative and finally the industry Ombudsman (as detailed above) who will be able to review you file if it remains un-responded to or unresolved.

A Voda Host web hosting account is required in order for you to publish.

I just started to use this website builder to create my first website. Their step by step tutorials are really easy to understand in order to create website.

Called up today the customer care but no proper response.

When asked to speak to the manger he said he very busy will arrange a call back awaiting same.

You can upload photos, tickets, copies of receipts or external emails from before you raised your issue with Resolver.

If you’re not satisfied with the initial response from the organisation you have an issue with, our escalation process will let you know when you can raise your complaint to the next level of seniority and, ultimately to an ombudsman or regulator, where appropriate.

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There’s no need to feel pressure to participate at your first club meeting – you can simply observe if you wish.Resolver allows ordinary hard working people to bite back against Companies who think Business is for producing shareholder dividends and fat wage packets to CEO's etc without a care for the people who pay for the (bad) service...Using Resolver, you can submit an issue about 6 services offered by Vodafone.With Blue Voda you can create everything from a simple homepage to a beautiful multi-page website.If you ever get stuck or need any help our support team is just a mouse click away. Blue Voda is a fully functional website builder and is 100% Completely Clean. With Blue Voda you will be able build a fantastic website just like this one. Most business and hotel/motel telephones are supported with easy to fill-in templates.Buy online by 2pm PST today* and you can start labeling your phones tomorrow!If your complaint is not resolved by Vodafone, you can then package it up and send it to the Financial Ombudsman Service.If your complaint is not resolved by Vodafone, you can then package it up and send it to the Ombudsman Services: Communications. Vodafone has its own Customer Complaints Code, where it states that it will aim to resolve your issue on first contact. If your complaint has still not been resolved, Vodafone will refer your problem to the customer relations team.Your case will be sent to the correct person or team at Vodafone and escalated at the correct times, to the correct person, if required.You can use the Resolver system to help you at every stage.


  1. Apr 3, 2017. We're going to go on record and say that Vodafone's current treatment of customers is inconsistent, unfair, insulting and offensive. quid for not even using it now and i'm allowed 3Gb. So, when i'm in the shop tomorrow, i'm going to video my visit showing me cutting the sim card in half and the date i did it.

  2. Vodafone Club. Club Number 00000938, District 72, Area F2. Charter Date Jun. 2, 2003. Email the Club. CONTACT INFORMATION Phone +64. Meeting Times Fortnightly on Tuesdays next 5 Dec pm. Location Vodafone New Zealand Limited 360 Dominion Road, Mt Eden Auckland, NEW ZEALAND.

  3. If you are having problems with Vodafone and would like to either find out your rights, who to contact or make a complaint then use Resolver to make the process. We provide a wide range of flexible email templates for you to adapt to your needs – just slot in the specific details for your case, and in a few short clicks your.

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