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Volunteer singles dating

I know many of you will be inclined to tell me to volunteer in something that interest me, but most of my hobbies are male-dominated and are sure to bore any woman. Which organizations are recommended specifically for this purpose?I am somewhat young (26) and looking to meet someone within my age bracket.The training was very intense and is not for the faint of heart (as I learned). I can't justify spending time with an unknown kid while I have a child at home who needs my attention. Volunteer because you care and that would start any relationship off honestly at least, rather then starting one under false pretenses.

Paul, You should volunteer because you want to help with that organization, NOT because you are out looking, so the advice is volunteer in something that interests you...besides if you do meet someone through that organization, then you already share a common interest.

Ok this is just a start of a never-ending list..don't have to look hard, you will find that there are tonnes of places that need volunteers.

My last thought is this, Don't think that in joining a group that has many married people (or that is involved primarily with children ie: hockey coach) that you won't meet single people...often they have friends that introduce you to others and as I said if you do things that service the community, you're out there and trust me, you will meet tonnes of single people! There are a lot of volunteer possibilities and some will surely fit your interests and also, afford opportunities to meet the opposite sex.

You won't stick with something if you don't enjoy it, so while you're waiting to meet your next potential, you might was well have fun.

In the beginning, I did volunteer for some things just to meet people, but after a short time, I learned you have to do it because you really want to.


  1. Single Volunteers of DC - a volunteer group with a twist! Meet new people through volunteering. Serving the Metro DC area.

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