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But not the type who would be shrinking your head anytime soon.

Woods ’93, President and founder of Fountainhead Inc., a recruiting company in Indianapolis, is a third party recruiter, or "headhunter," that recruits new employees for dozens of Fortune 1000 companies across the nation. Woods towered above his fellow alumni at the Fifth Annual Big Bash Reunion.

" Apart from his recruiting business, Woods also officiates football for the National Collegiate Athletics Association in the Mid American Conference (MAC) region, which includes schools such as Ball State University in Muncie.

A four-year Little Giant letter earner and co-captain of the football team, Woods blew out his knee senior year and spent much time on the injured roster, but returned to play in the Monon Bell Classic against De Pauw.

Woods returned for his 15-year reunion at the Fifth Annual Big Bash in 2008, hosting a colloquium on interviewing skills.

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However, a last-minute decision landed him working with classmate Mike Crnkovich ’93 at Hoop it Up in Texas.

Woods hosted a colloquium, titled "The Subtle Art of Dating or Understanding the Interview Process from Either Side of the Desk." "This is just how I’m dressed at the office," he jokes. Maybe just shorts and a shirt." Woods, an English major, was also a Phi Delta Theta and Chair of the Board of Publications his senior year.

His decision to enroll at Wabash was mostly influenced by his brother Andrew Woods ’86 and his high school English teacher, both College alumni.

The "commercials" can find their foundation in these behaviors.

A good interview must be conducted from both sides of the table, and both parties should actively listen.


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