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White collar dating service

For the post-80 generation -- one that was caught in the transition between traditional and modern China -- the term "leftover women" is especially suitable.

But the real source of adversity towards single women has a simpler explanation: parents.

, Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) and Peter Burke (Tim De Kay) take on an unprecedented case for the Museum of Natural History: recovering a stolen Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton and its egg.

Leta Hong Fincher, a Ph D candidate in sociology at Tsinghua University and author of a forthcoming book about leftover women and Chinese gender inequality, says that the Chinese government wants "leftover women" to create "quality" babies by scaring the women into marriage.

A family and relationship counselor in Shanghai and the author of , Wu launched a three-month "dating camp" two years ago and charged 4000 RMB (about 0) per student.

Together with her partner Bob Liu, a salsa instructor, she offered dance courses, workshops and salons to teach singles how to date and fall in love.

So he decided to break the ice by bringing in a host and introducing American-style drinking games.

Membership has grown by 10 attendees per month since April."China has a very hardworking culture, so there isn't much momentum for people to go to social events and meet people outside of their work environment," Edmunds says, "So what we have to do is bring in a different culture around initial dates and meetings that encourage people to meet based on their personalities and interests."***Both Wu and Edmunds are targeting China's "leftover women," a new term describing educated, urban women over 27 who are disadvantaged not just by society's perception they're "too old" for marriage, but also because their successful careers and economic security intimidate prospective suitors.


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