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Regins pointing at those hanging belts would have left a much cooler lasting impression than just Cena winning yet another match against Kane.A match that Ambrose, Rollins, and Orton all had to get involved with just to liven things up.

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In fact, I would have loved for this match to have gone on last.Speaking briefly about Cesaro here, did anyone see his match against Sheamus on Smackdown?(which, in turn, opens up a whole "Does anybody even bother watching Smackdown at all? And so there was barely a eurocut for the entire match.Last month, “The Straight Edge Superstar” and the WWE Divas Champion were shown seated together and getting close at Wrigley Field during WGN’s broadcast of a Chicago Cubs versus Pittsburgh Pirates game.This naturally jump-started rumors online, especially on social media—some fans on Twitter have stated that they were blocked by Punk for mentioning Lee to him in messages.I suppose it depends on how safe the WWE wants to play it these days.With the huge money loss and massive layoffs and all.The two of them come from grimly humble beginnings so it makes sense for them to not fuss over the usual histrionics that accompany a celebrity wedding.I hear their gift registry just listed "Comic-Con." Now, back into RAW.Happy confrakulations to the wonderful, reclusive couple! Alicia Fox is rapidly cornering the market on crazy. AJ's gotta get back and reclaim some of her "crazy chick" real estate.May their bed now be one massive pile of comic books and graphic novels. The ceremony was said to be small and anti-elaborate.


  1. Wrestling Wrap Up CM Punk and AJ Lee Married. Share. Plus, Stardust debuts, Steph has stomach issues, Reigns topples Rusev. Now, back into RAW.

  2. Prior to AJ’s storyline wedding with Daniel Bryan on RAW 1,000, John Cena openly flirted with the diminutive WWE Diva via Twitter to play up the angle.

  3. AJ Lee On If CM Punk Knew About Her. AJ Lee On If CM Punk Knew About Her Bipolar Disorder Before Dating. WWE RAW Viewership With Brock.

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