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Jackson won Twitter on Monday with some trash talk aimed at Deron Williams during the NBA Finals. He had two rebounds, two assists and two turnovers.The four-time Golden Globe award nominee and 1994 Academy Award nominee was live-tweeting the 129-120 Golden State Warriors win against the Cleveland Cavaliers when he made an astute observation. The three-time All-Star signed a one-year, 9,626 deal with the Cavaliers in February.Sam Smith writes at that the Hawks could be interested in starting Asik at center and moving Al Horford to power forward, a plan that could presumably make Atlanta’s current starter at power forward, Paul Millsap, a trade target for Houston (yet again).2.) Keep both Lin and Asik on the roster going into next season. The highest upside of those three paths would seem to be No. The Rockets cited injuries and a lack of continuity as being behind many of their inconsistencies in 2013-14, and delaying the arrival of the team’s next big piece would also defer the integration period with Harden and Howard.That headband keeps going higher and higher and it's not only the hairline that's receding.Lately the hair on the top of Le Bron's head has grown thinner and the hair on the side of his head is noticeably thicker.But that’s far from a done deal and if such a move isn’t possible, the Rockets would appear to be left with three realistic options.

In fact, his metrics in 2012-13 — just one year ago — were arguably his best ever in nine NBA seasons, especially on offense.

For his part, Williams is even a Texas native, having grown up in suburban Dallas, and would likely jump at the chance to play closer to home.

None of those factors is enough to vault Williams ahead of Anthony or immediate cap space as the Rockets’ offseason priority, of course.

Williams was 2-for-16 from the field, good for 12 percent shooting.

"Why would you fall for a Deron Williams shot fake," Jackson asked in a tweet.


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