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The community is supportive and those within it strive for greatness and pursuing personal goals.When climbing top rope you need a partner to be On Belay.Once your hands are on the wall you state “climbing! You’ll each learn to read another persons body language and support them when they’re in an uncomfortable place. November of 2016 I got a phone call from my friend Andrea.The lessons of rock climbing carry over into these 6 rules of dating.1. She told me about her experience of being a spectator at the all women's Exposure skateboarding competition in Southern California. She said "buy a skateboard, we are learning how to skate!

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Inspired by the determination of her elder brother, who’d been paralysed in a car accident, former high-flying banker Carolina Gonzalez-Bunster used her skills to set up a charity to provide wheelchairs for spinal-injury victims in Haiti After meeting Carolina Gonzalez-Bunster, you can see why Goldman Sachs wanted her. Her CV reveals that she speaks four languages, is a graduate of the prestigious Georgetown University in Washington and also possesses a master’s with distinction from the London School of Economics.

I fell in love with trying and learning something new and most of all I fell in love with the community.

With the scars of my newfound badassery, I drove back to Colorado.

There have even been a few weekends in the middle of the day where we find ourselves at the skatepark outnumbered by boys and men who obviously know how to skate. The skateboarding community is so supportive and people appreciate us trying.

Skateboarding has become a huge part of my life here in Colorado. I have to send a huge shout out to Andrea Knox, Leda Olmsted, Kendra, Nicole Noller, Sasha-Lasha, Allan Cheateau, Mark Saunders, the Cali Crew and all the people who have been supportive of me learning.


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