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Who is dwoods dating

no Lloyd and dwoods are not going together b/c if you go to his page on and take the test it says that in the video "you" when they kissed did he like it or something like that and he said something was there but that dosent mean they were going out and on his status it say he single n i believe him but he could be lying trying 2 keep it on the d.l. NO I DONT THINK HES LYING AND I BELIEVE THAT THEY WASNT DATING CUZ HE DONT LIKE HER OR HE MIGHT THINKS SHE IS CUTE BUT THATS IT.

Even though we know there was dramz in the past, we always held out hope that the fivesome would come back together as one.Rumors of Belle Chapman dating Lloyd Daniels are drifting back into the media this month as speculaters spotted the pair heading into wembley arena backstage hand in hand.MERGE Merge this question into SAVE Confidence votes 3 no Lloyd and dwoods are not going together b/c if you go to his page on beb.I was invited to functions by acquaintances and included in happy hours and genuinely accepted into small circles of friends.I quickly learned that Seattle men are far different from any other I’ve encountered: shy, timid and seemingly incapable of striking up a conversation, let alone offering to buy a female a drink.Nor did the fact that I lived in the apartment with my guests mitigate his outrage.In fact, his counsel’s biggest point of contention was that I hadn’t sought permission for any of these roommates, something my lease requires me to do.But when we EXCLUSIVELY found out four of the ladiez would be reuniting TONIGHT at the VMAs, we had to wonder what D. And now we can tell you because she gave a statement and it’s gooood! They have decided to reunite and I, like our amazing fans, will be cheering them on.For the past couple of years, myself and the other DK members have been working on other projects individually, such as music, film, television, theater and philanthropy and I have recently signed on to several projects that will have me committed for the next year.Shanell has two songs roaming around right now, one she stole from Eddie Murphy.Eddie’s singing career didn’t make it that far, let’s see what Shanell has going on…


  1. D. Woods’ sister, Shanell, is signed to Young Money and also said to be Lil’ Wayne’s new bottom b*tch. Shanell has two songs roaming around right now.

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  3. Former Danity Kane member D. Woods has spoken out about the reunion happening without her!

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