Who is jaime king dating

On the brink of suicide, he’s given a brusque but necessary ersatz pep talk by Brienne, who essentially insults him out of depression.

“You sound like a woman,” she says of his woe-is-me whining.

Half-swaggering, half-doddering into the baths at the fortress of Harrenhal, where the Boltons are treating them both better to make up for their mishandling on the road, Jaime uses his nudity to make Brienne uncomfortable, as he’s constantly tried to do with any means at his disposal.

But soon, worn down by exhaustion, trauma, and the sheer heat of the water, he reveals his deepest secret to her.

The way all women look at him is frankly irritating.” The target of his indiscreet inquiries?

Her strength and skill wears him down physically, becoming part of the slow process by which he begins to reevaluate himself and his conduct in the world mentally as well.

That process is given a major shot in the arm when he loses his hand.

After intervening to prevent her rape by the soldiers of House Bolton, who capture them after their sword fight, he’s maimed as punishment, and made to wear his severed body part on a necklace as a reminder of how his once unimpeachable prowess as a warrior has been castrated.

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And it’s not just a one-way street, either: Now that she knows he’s experienced such a traumatic level of isolation and pain, Brienne can be assured that he’s capable of understanding hers as well.

Since 2014, Bell has appeared as Abraham Woodhull in Turn: Washington's Spies; the fourth and final season began airing in April 2017.

In 2015, he played the Thing in the Fantastic Four reboot.

Bell served as Honorary Jury President of the 2001 Giffoni Film Festival.

In 2002, he appeared as the disabled servant Smike in an adaptation of Nicholas Nickleby and a young soldier in Deathwatch.


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