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Who is nick carter dating now

' It's like they're chuckling on the inside, getting ready to watch me go through some torture that they went through! Nick Carter, noteworthy teenage heart-throb from the 1990s and a musician, is best known for this time with the Backstreet Boys. Lauren: We read self-help books to each other, too. We took our time with everything, so I think we have just a clear understanding of one another. At the beginning of this journey, we said, "OK, if at any time, this is hurting us and not helping us in any way, we quit." So that was just a pact that we made. With just four weeks to go until the baby's due date of April 12 -- the exact date the two tied the knot in Santa Barbara, California, in 2014 -- the couple took some time out for a magical maternity shoot with photographer Lori Dorman, telling ET that they could barely look at each other without tearing up during the dreamy snaps.WATCH: Now All Grown Up, Backstreet Boys Talk Bieber and Surviving Teen Fame"I hate getting emotional but seeing her like that triggered this influx of emotions that really made me realize what's happening in our life," Nick said. because you couldn't find me, and I was getting a tattoo. [Related: Nick Carter Talks ' Hardcore Alcoholic' Past] What do you two do on date nights now?

Nick Carter would go on to receive his first musical group, thanks to one of his dance teachers, which was named “Nick and the Angels.” This group would perform numerous covers of songs from other popular groups, and these would eventually be recorded and released on an unofficial album that covered many of the Backstreet Boys prior to the boy band megagroup.The newly wed Nick Carter is living out a romance worthy of a Backstreet Boys ballad. (But don't tell his wife that, because she's never been a fan of the boy band genre.) Carter, 34, and fitness pro Lauren Kitt Carter, 31, have been smitten since meeting on a blind date in October 2008. They tied the knot in Santa Barbara, California, just five months ago — and it shows. Nick Carter Marries Lauren Kitt] What were your first impressions of each other? They could not stop gushing about each other during a recent interview with Yahoo. Lauren: Initially, not knowing him, I thought he was arrogant. Because he didn't stand up to greet me, he was just kind of like, "Hey, what's up? Nick: For me, I thought she was the one the minute that I met her. Lauren: It took me about three months to know that he was the one, and once I had that epiphany…. I took my best friend to a tattoo shop, and I got a tattoo on the back of my neck with his initials. I felt like she was powerful, she was strong, the minute I met her. When he was only 11 years old, he was allowed to audition for The Mickey Mouse Club, which accepted him – he also auditioned for the Backstreet Boys in 1992, and his mother encouraged him to make a choice.While his mother wanted him to partake in the Mickey Mouse Club, Nick instead wanted to join the Backstreet Boys."It was just first trimester complications that passed, but I didn't completely connect with my baby until I got later into my second trimester, because I didn't know what was going to happen.""Until we were way past any danger points, I just went with the flow and accepted whatever would come was whatever would be."With both mom and son now healthy, Nick and Lauren -- both of whom never wanted children or marriage until meeting each other -- can't wait to welcome their first child.Lauren, a fitness expert, is busy reading baby books, attending pre-natal classes, doing yoga and preparing the house for a planned natural home birth.


  1. Nick Carter and Wife Lauren’s Perfect Date Night. What do you two do on date nights now? Nick. is that when we first started dating.

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