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To get any good out of them, you'll probably need to have Libre Office installed.

I should note that I've been using an old version of the program (, so I have no idea whether you'll run into problems downloading the current stable (5.4.5) or development (6.0.1) versions.

Still, three of those four 2018 releases were picked up after Monday's Music Week as I was hoping some last-minute scrounging might even out an otherwise thin month.

Still, this says more about waning interest in 2017 than looking forward.

I don't particularly get the roots concept, other than to recognize some American Indian drums and chants mixed in with the jambalaya.

B Sarah Buechi: Contradiction of Happiness (2017 [2018], Intakt): Swiss singer-songwriter, third album, most songs in English (aside from the trad.

B [cd] David Bertrand: Palmyra & Other Places (2017, Blujazz): Flute player, wrote all the pieces, nicely set off by Rafal Sarnecki's electric guitar, plus bass and drums that keep the beat interesting. B (*) [cd] Girma Byn & Akal Wub: thiopiques 30: "Mistakes on Purpose" (2017, Buda Musique): Ethiopian, no recording dates but seems to be recent.

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Partly this is because I finally broke down and finished collecting my various short jazz reviews for my two Jazz Guides.Real Blog Fake Blog Local Links Music Archive Notebook Projects Recipes (old) Recipes (new) Sitemap Contact My Twitter My Other Websites Notes on Everyday Life Terminal Zone Wichita Peace Music Robert Christgau Carol Cooper Carola Dibbell Free Jazz Phil Freeman Jason Gubbels Michaelangelo Matos Milo Miles Chris Monsen Phil Overeem Tim Niland Hank Shteamer Michael Tatum Derek Taylor Destination Out Odyshape Politics Antiwar Helena Cobban Juan Cole Counterpunch Crooked Timber Richard Crowson Kevin Drum Five Thirty Eight Peter Frase Kathleen Geier Glenn Greenwald Tony Karon Mike Konczal Paul Krugman Andrew Leonard Mondoweiss Naked Capitalism No More Mr Nice Blog Alex Pareene Portside Talking Points Memo Tikun Olam Tom Dispatch Maxine Udall Stephen Walt War In Context Washington Monthly Matthew Yglesias Others Big Bad Baseball Porkalicious Arthur Protin Networking Follow @tomhull747 First month post-freeze, so I should be moving beyond 2017, and to some extent I am.Of ten A-list recent releases, four are 2018 (Laurie Anderson, Evan Parker, Amy Rigby, Shopping), four 2017 (Girma Byn, Youssou N'Dour, Anna Tivel, Wu-Tang), and two 2016 (Peter Stampfel, Celebrate Ornette).Laurie Anderson/Kronos Quartet: Landfall (2018, Nonesuch): Audio for some form of visual presentation, Anderson's usual work mode, reportedly linked to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy.Music seems less expansive than her best, the string quartet as much anchor as vehicle.Their relaxed flow doesn't sound all that African, but that's just how unique they are -- and note that the horns can on occasion slip into jazzy dissonance.A- Nick Biello: Vagabond Soul (2016 [2018], Blujazz): Alto saxophonist, also soprano and synth, first album, postbop septet with Paul Jones (tenor sax), Phil Markowitz (piano), plus viola, guitar, bass, and drums."Schnschte Obigstrn"), performed by pianist Stefan Aeby plus strings (violin-viola-cello-bass) and drums.B (*) [cd] Harley Card: The Greatest Invention (2015 [2018], self-released): Canadian guitarist, leads a postbop quintet with sax (David French) and piano (Matt Newton), richly complex and grooveful, as such things tend to be.I've folded the extra reviews in, adding 9 pages to the 20th Century (currently 774 pages), and 7 pages to the 21st Century (now 1657 pages).The former is pretty useless, at least compared to The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings, which covers about 4-5 times as many records -- an insurmountable head start, I'm afraid.


  1. Sep 30, 2015 Singer Avant wants to promote his new project, but LaDawn gets him to reveal all his naughty sexy secrets! Avant @avantmusic LaDawn Black.

  2. Master index of the vintage motoring gallery. The vintage transport photos in this section of the site are now spread over 18 pages. Most are black & white or sepia.

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  4. Since starting out with Rene & Angela, Winbush and Moore have played an. Winbush surprised the audience by singing alongside Avant on the song. As a singer.

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