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Why am i not intimidating

After we’d been dating for a couple weeks he confessed to me that he’d liked me for a long time but was nervous to talk to me, “because cute girls are scary” and “what if you were a bitch?” I was flattered he liked me for so long but sad that he felt he couldn’t approach me.

If it looks like you’re two steps ahead of us in that department – whether or not that’s true – we might be intimidated because we feel like we don’t have a chance. It sounds like you do have your shit together and that’s awesome.

I understand that to a certain extent, but am frustrated because I always try to smile and be friendly to people.

I really doubt anyone who knows me well would say I was a bitch or give anyone a reason to be afraid of me.

I told my best female friend about this and asked if she thought I was intimidating.

She hesitated but admitted that I could be because I dress well, always look neat and am organized and ambitious.


  1. Intimidating” Is Not a Compliment. I feel so alone, but this made me feel better because at least I am not the only one who is “intimidating.

  2. People find me intimidating and I don't really understand why, I get along with practically everyone in school. I like to have fun and laugh. I get good.

  3. Because good looking men are scary monsters. I am sorry to betray my brothers, but it is time for the truth to come out. It's all true. The romance novels have not.

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