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Why are parents so strict about dating

Research shows that most people think strict parenting produces better-behaved kids.

However, research studies on discipline consistently show that strict, or authoritarian, child-raising actually produces kids with lower self esteem who behave worse than other kids -- and therefore get punished more!

One in three has a weekly visit, while one in five spends time with grandparents once a month.

The study, by Tomy Toys, also found that children from Plymouth, Chelmsford and Oxford travelled the furthest to visit grandparents --around 50 miles compared to the nationwide average of 32 miles.

'Contrary to the notions of "good enough" parenting, a wealth of research indicates that better parenting leads to betteradjusted, more competent children,' the report said.

'The notion of "good enough" parenting may seem ideal in today's hectic world, yet the realityis that "good enough" parents will most likely produce "good enough" children at best.

This involved observing more than 1,000 mothers reading to their children at age one, and again at five.Then they don't let me hang out with any of my friends EVER, don't let me call my friends, talk about how much of a delinquent both them and I are (and trust me that is the exact opposite), not allowed to text or IM, and I can never go to any "cool" parties.I'm just so frustrated because I always feel like I can't turn to anyone ever and I feel so alone. I cry myself to sleep most times and I don't know what to do. More than two million children under ten see their grandparentsless than once a year, research shows. A study of 1,000 families also found one in five lives more than 100 miles from their grandparents.Only 7 per cent see their grandparents every day, compared to 15 per cent for their parents.Strict parenting actually creates behavior problems in children. Harsh limits may temporarily control behavior, but they don’t help a child learn to self-regulate.Instead, harsh limits trigger a resistance to taking responsibility for themselves.The Good Childhood Inquiry recently claimed a culture of 'excessive individualism' among adults was to blame for many of children's problems.It said 30 per cent of adults in the UK disagreed with the statement that 'parents' duty is to do their best for their children even at the expense of their own well-being'.'We would therefore that maternal mental health, breastfeeding and social networks form the focus of intervention efforts to boost parenting capabilities,' the report added.'Both who you are and what you do are important in terms of parenting - personal characteristics such as interpersonal sensitivity and education and behaviours such as breastfeeding are significant predictors.' The claims are the latest salvo in the fiery debate over child-rearing.


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