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Woman dating men in prison

From 2001 to now (2008) a lot of things have changed.

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But officially this is my FIRST because I am not using one of my past blogs on this one.I've had a couple of friends/family members that have been to jail/prison and they all talk about how they...About a month ago, I started writing to an inmate to make a friend. I'm really feeling him, but I'm afraid to make this move. Well I actually met this guy while he was locked up.I'm not biased or judgemental, just interested in hearing personal heartfelt stories with meaning. I went on a dating site and that's were I first had an encounter with him. I don't want to just write an article full of facts and statistics. Many guys do their time, and when they get out are quick to embrace the one person that was there for him, and they show that respect and love to that person. But for every one like that, there is another that does not see life that way.Understand folks, prison is not just a place where a person goes to do his time, it is also where time stops, or passes him by.I encourage you to read my past blogs, email me and ask questions about prison issues.I promise nothing in answers, but I can at least try to address it.Just consider for a minute a person that is in prison now.I got out of prison in 2001, and I am sure there are a lot of guys I knew that are still in there.


  1. WHEN Simon Gittany gets his first bag of mail in prison. The women who love prisoners. These are the women who fall in love with men behind bars and just.

  2. Online Prison Dating Not So Sexy, Inmates Find. It's similar to a standard dating site. Romance with Men Serious, beautiful woman, searching for her soul mate.

  3. If you are attracted to singles that are in jail or have served time, then get online with Prison Dating and meet singles for dating, love and so much more. Sign up.

  4. Dating A Man In Prison. years is the ever increasing number of women that become romantically involved with men serving prison. Dating A Man Who Is A.

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